Visitor's tax

  • The spa tax is a municipal charge and a hybrid between a fee and a contribution. The municipality levies this tax to partially cover its expenses for the production and maintenance of the public facilities provided for spa and recreation purposes by Badenweiler Tourismus GmbH and Staatsbad GmbH.

  • The maintenance of the diverse tourist infrastructure such as hiking trails, the upkeep of the spa gardens, mountain bike tours, the sports and leisure pool and other facilities devours large sums of money every year. Cost-intensive services and information and our extensive programme of events are intended to contribute to the success of your holidays. 

  • The visitor's tax for each person and each day all year round amounts to

    District I     District II  Districtk II a     District III and IV
    3,20 €2,10 €1,55 €1,35 €


    For guests in the AHB clinics who do not participate in KONUS holistically, the spa tax is for each person and each day all year round:

    District IDistrict IIDistrict II a    District III and IV
      2,70 €1,60 €1,05 €  0,85 €
  • District I
    The spa centre on the level of the Kur- und Festspielhaus, Kurpark, Cassiopeia Therme, Inhalatorium; 340 - 470m.

    District II
    Oberweiler and the surrounding altitude of 340 - 470 m.

    DistrictI Ia
    Wohngebiet "Moosmatt" zwischen Oberweiler und Schweighof; 380 m Höhenlage.

    District III
    Residential area "Moosmatt" between Oberweiler and Schweighof; 380 m altitude.

    Districtk IV
    Schweighof district; separate valley, approx. 2.5 km from the centre; 400 - 490 m altitude.