Roman Thermal Spas 
of Europe 

Even the ancient Romans used thermal water for relaxation, prevention and rehabilitation. In this way, they established a spa culture that still endures today - over 2,000 years later. In the project "The Roman Thermal Spas of Europe", thermal spas and health resorts from all over Europe have joined forces to maintain and develop this tradition. Together they want to make their Roman heritage visible and maintain it.


8 European countries, 11 partners and a 

common Roman heritage on which to build 

a strong future.

These are the key data of a project that spa and wellness experts from all over Europe met at Badenweiler Thermen & Touristik GmbH to launch. In international cooperation, new travel offers were developed and marketed for thermal spas all over Europe, which are connected by their common history as spas of Roman origin.

The more than 2000-year-old tradition from Roman times of using thermal water for recreation as well as for the treatment of chronic diseases and for prevention has been preserved in many places in Europe. 'Badenweiler is a particularly exemplary demonstration of how Roman heritage can be cultivated, attractively presented and combined with the demands of modern health tourism', says Joachim Lieber, Secretary General of the European Spas Association and coordinator of the project, explaining the choice of the conference venue. "The project aims to open up the full potential of our common heritage for tourism, to raise its quality to an even higher, international level and to attract new groups of guests from Europe and overseas for this combination of health and cultural holidays."

The project was co-financed by EU funds and brings together eight European thermal resorts with Roman roots. In addition to Germany, these are spas in Bulgaria, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Hungary and Romania. They are joined by experts from the travel industry and quality management, as well as the European Spas Association as coordinator and initiator.

Among other things, high-quality national and cross-border travel packages have been developed within the framework of the project. Trade fair participations in Europe, the USA, China and South America ensure that the new offers can become known to tour operators and holidaymakers. A website and Facebook presence will provide information about the project and the destinations and travel packages associated with it. The exchange between the partners will make it possible to learn from each other and develop new ideas.

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